4 National Championships--36 Conference Titles--45 First Team All-Americans--All Level College Record of 57 consecutive winning seasons (1956-Present)
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2007 Linfield @ Western Oregon
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2007 Linfield @ Southern Oregon
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2009 Linfield at Southern Oregon
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2009 Linfield at Willamette
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2010 Linfield vs Willamette
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2010 Linfield at Pacific Lutheran
2010 Linfield vs Menlo
2010 Linfield vs Whitworth
2010 Linfield at Lewis & Clark
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2010 Linfield vs CLU (Playoff Game)
2010 Linfield at Saint Thomas
2010 Linfield Senior Salute
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2011 Linfield vs Pacific Lutheran
2011 Linfield at Menlo
2011 Linfield at Whitworth
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2012 Linfield vs Menlo
2012 Linfield vs Hardin-Simmons
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